Steffany Aguilar

Piyalli innochimeh! Hola a todos! Hello Everyone! ⁣

🌍 My name is Steffany Aguilar and I am a environmental geologist with a bachelor and masters in geology. I am a first generation college graduate with roots to mi TIERRA in Mexico.⁣

🌋 I always loved playing outside and exploring , and running around barefoot to feel the dirt on my feet and sun on my face. I have always felt a connection and pull by the earth. I thank my ancestors for my connection to our Mother Earth (Tonantzin), and will spend my life/ career to her.⁣

🦕 I grew up having Jurassic Park playing on the tv in the sala constantly. I wanted to be a paleontologist going into college and then switched to geology to have more opportunities for work. Geology courses were filled with camping, hiking, beer, collecting rock samples (all the things that make my inner nerd excited. Geomorphology and Hydrogeologist were my favorite subjects in the programs because I wanted to learn more about how the earth breathes , and how humans affect it. In college I spent three summers in interning for the El Dorado , Sierra, and San Bernardino Forest Service.⁣

🌎 I have been a environmental geologist for over 4 years since I graduated. I work on site investigations, cleanups and remediations and make sure that sites have clean soil, water, and air before schools, hospitals, homes, or office spaces are built. I hope to have a minority – women owned consulting company one day, that also focuses on STEM outreach for minorities and girls in communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.⁣

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