Paulina Castrellon

Hola!⁣ My name is Paulina Castrellon and I am a chicana / latina and I am an Environmental Health and Safety Engineer. I came across this career and academic major in college by accident! I took an elective in college called EOH 101 (environmental occupational health 101) and right away fell in love with the field. ⁣

You might be wondering “what is an EHS engineer?”⁣

Don’t worry I said the same thing back in college! An EHS Engineer protects employees from environmental and occupational health and safety hazards in the workplace! As an EHS Engineer at an aerospace company, part of my job involves designing and creating new machinery with manufacturing engineers that support safe production that is safe and in line with federal, state, and local regulations.⁣

I am passionate about what I do because deep in my heart, I feel that no one should ever go home hurt as a result of poor working conditions. At the end of the day, we all want to go home SAFE to our loved ones!⁣

My advice to any Latina reading this is YOU CAN DO IT MIJA! Do not give up and please believe in yourself! You will have your own challenges pero por favor never forget you are never alone! ⁣

Please feel free to ask me any questions or just need advice! You can follow me on my Instagram @paulinacastrellon where I talk about STEM in the Latinx community, current events, health and wellness and share some of my daily life on this beautiful planet! You’ll also see great stories about my little dog named Kevin <3.

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