Neyva Saeedi

It was one year… full of tears, pain, fear, anxiety, exhaustion, and joy. 

A time in my life when I sacrificed the most in hopes of fulfilling a lifelong career aspiration which was nine years in the making… and as I jot this down, I can’t help but to cry and simply feel so thankful. For my friends whom rooted me on from afar knowing I couldn’t be around. My family stood by me and prayed over my journey. For my kids, unknowingly giving me the strength to keep going. 

Even for this virtual platform, when I receive such beautiful messages of praise, simply supporting a fellow mama with a dream… I could not have done it without each and every one of you!

For my husband. Through thick and thin, we made it and now stronger than ever. I love you Habibi  ❤️ Lastly, my second mama @vintage.basket I’ve been dreaming of this day… When I could dedicate this accomplishment to YOU. There are not enough words to describe what you mean to me. Thank you for crying with me. Hugging me when it was needed the most. Praying for me and supporting these boys of mine when I had to be away. I love you mom! WE did it!!!

I am proud to spell out these next words… I am officially an RN GRAD!!!

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