Jennifer Okosisi

Why did I pick mechanical engineering?

I’m analytical in nature, my passion and love for mathematics, physics and anything calculation made me choose science in high school. When I was much younger, I wanted to be a doctor lol. It was actually common in Nigeria then that most of the bright students were encouraged to go into medicine. 

Medicine was stereotyped as the toughest and most prestigious course, so being a very bright student then I was raising my shoulders high 😂, dreaming of becoming a doctor, even my parents were already referring to me as their future doctor. I didn’t take time to actually ponder about careers in my line of passion. When I was done with high school, I wrote Jamb exam (an exam that qualifies high school graduates for college) I was opportuned to be visited by my cousin sister @nens_asanwa who studied petroleum engineering, she gave me a career advice to follow my passion and what I’m good at and not to give heed to the societal stereotypes.

I enrolled in mechanical engineering. Engineering during my college application. I was offered admission. Choosing mechanical engineering was one of the best decisions of my life. I fell in love with the course. Through my several internship programs I acquired sound knowledge of engineering principles and practices. The internship I did @youthfortechnology opened my eyes to modern technological skills like coding, 3d printing and CAD modelling with different CAD Softwares like AutoCAD, Autodesk INVENTOR, Fusion360 and solidworks. During my stay after i graduated, i enrolled for online courses where i mastered html, css and a little of java…… I advise students to always follow their passion in their choice of careers instead of following societal expectations. I’m a proud mechanical engineer.

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