Ifeyinwa Ezeudu, MD

At age 14, a family friend who came to visit us saw me studying my books and asked what I would want to be in future. I said pharmacist and medical doctor. She screamed “are you not aware that you are a girl child? “Nne you can not achieve that as a Nigerian girl” I smiled and that was it!

I felt challenged to achieve those regardless, the passion was too much for being a “girl child” to stop.

After my diploma in science laboratory technology, I proceeded for pharmacy and graduated as the best in my class and school as well, not just a valedictorian but also the first international student to give that speech in over 66 years of my school’s existence.

But I didn’t feel fulfilled, I went further to complete my medical degree, achieving a lot of academic excellence awards in the process.

Today I am not just a pharmacist and medical doctor, I am also a laboratory technician.

I have recently started exploring weight management

program which I find so exciting.

I am glad I didn’t listen to our family friend who told me otherwise as a “girl child”. I have not yet arrived but I am proud of where I am now. Dear “girl child” reading this post,I want to remind you that you are unstoppable. Dream ,work towards it and someday you will be happy you did. – Ifeyinwa Ezeudu, MD

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