Engineer Ana

This is Ana! Biotechnology Engineer ✨

I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit of a coward sometimes, but I like to think that it hasn’t stopped me from running towards my goals and dreams as a scientist. For me, it was taking over one of the lab’s lines of research. I was afraid that I wasn’t smart or good enough to work on it, let alone be responsible for it. I didn’t like to ask for help because I felt that if I did I would look stupid or not capable enough for the job. It took me a while to feel more confident in my skills and more importantly: to realize that asking for help didn’t mean that I was stupid. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by a wonderful group of people that never made me feel inferior to them and they were always there to help me out and guide me through.

I’d love to be like them when I retire. As a kid, I fell completely in love with science from reading about the life of amazing women and their achievements. I was blessed with wonderful science teachers that made sure to help me develop my skills and knowledge. Little girls are very powerful! They’re the future, so I want to be there for them and help them grow into their best selves”

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