Dr. Erica Montes

💡It was the Fall in 2000. My first semester in college. At The University of Texas at Austin. I came to the university as pre-nursing and I was ready. I felt as I had everything planned and I had made it. Or so I thought…🤔⁣

💡 I remember sitting on the steps of my dorm talking to my tia on my first cell phone, it was pink, and I was crying my eyes out. I came in to go to nursing school, even though I had always told myself I wanted to be a doctor; but I secretly didn’t think I could do it. ⁣

💡What Erica Montes, from Dallas, Texas who went to an intercity high school with no one cheering me on to pursue medicine, definitely could not go to med school or at least I thought… Therefore naturally, I gravitated to the idea of nursing school; it seemed like a better fit. ⁣

💡That day I felt alone, scared, unsure of myself. I didn’t have a direction, I didn’t have a family member who had gone through the process, I didn’t know if I could really do it. ⁣

But as we spoke and I looked ahead as the other students passed by, yes they didn’t necessarily look like me; but they were there for the same thing, an education and a future and I felt like the world was at my fingertips. 🌎 It was just what I wanted to make of it.⁣

So, I told my tia, “You know what pre-nursing just doesn’t seem right for me. I am going to switch my major and go to med school.” And a miraculous thing happened, the universe listened. 👂 ⁣

Speaking things into existence is a real thing. When you believe what you speak it can actually happen; it is more powerful than you will ever know. ⁣

Today, I continue to follow this motto. Tell yourself and your close loved ones what you want and what you know will happen. Because guess what? The universe is listening.⁣

Spreading a lil #inspo,⁣
Dr. Erica Montes💛 @the.modern.mujer

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