Diana Iracheta

Hi! My name is Diana Iracheta. I am a recent Mechanical Engineering NIU graduate. Upon graduation, I took a Manufacturing Engineering role where I am learning engineering design and manufacturing processes. I am interested in becoming a Design Engineer and hope to become a future leader in my field.

As a young Latina immigrant, it is very important for me to represent the values that I grew up with. As well as to show the hard work that many non-English-speaker immigrants put in while going through the challenges of adapting and venturing into higher education and joining the professional world.

I am very passionate towards expanding the interest of women towards STEM fields as well as to motivate the Hispanic community. I have also always had a passion for demonstrating that the are no limits to how successful a woman can be and fighting to break stereotypes. I hope one day the things that make a minority in STEM are no longer considered minorities.

This is why I recently launched my own blog: “The Life of a Latina Engineer” where I share the obstacles, successes, anecdotes and many other resources in hopes to inspire and aid other students in STEM. As a Latina, I notice I have very different insights and I want to use my voice to change the current work environment towards females in STEM.

Instagram: @dianairacheta Blog: @latina_engineer 

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