Cindy C.

What is your WHY? What pushes you when things get tough, overwhelming, and when you don’t know if you can keep going? One of my main “why’s” is my family. I push to keep making them proud and to fulfill my dreams! These dreams started when I was a little girl in doctor’s offices translating for my parents and I knew one day I would make sure my patient’s didn’t need a translator because I would be the one they could directly speak to. I could understand them with our Spanish language, the culture, and most importantly I could explain their health in ways they probably never had heard before. So this is my drive, this is why I keep working and pushing because it’s my purpose.

I was blessed to be bilingual, compassionate, someone who cares for others endlessly and loves medicine which I consider to be my super powers. So when the going gets tough, remember your why! Extra hour of studying, night studying instead of going out, working instead of being on vacation, whatever sacrifice you are making it will be worth it! Remember why you started and if you ever need someone to remind you how amazing you are, shoot your girl a message and I will gladly tell you how great you are! .

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