Alondra Sinhoui

My name is Alondra Sinhoui and I am a first-generation student.

 I am studying architecture/engineering at San Diego State University. Well to start off, my story begins in Las Vegas where I was born and grew up there until 5th grade when we suddenly moved to Tijuana Mexico. This move had a dramatic impact on me, I had to finish elementary school and middle school in Tijuana. I was not prepared for a life-changing move. I felt disoriented and I felt I wasn’t getting the education that I deserved. I decided to continue my education in San Diego which had its sacrifices. I had to cross the border every single day at 3:00 am to arrive on time to school. I did this for 4 years. Sometimes I had doubts if this was really worth it, and I had negative thoughts. A teacher at Southwest High where I attended high school, made me reconstruct my thought process and he believed in my capacity as a student and I will forever be grateful. He really inspired me to become someone in life. From there on I decided to take AP classes, get involved in as many extracurricular activities as I could. I became part of the Eco-Engineering Academy which was when I decided to become an architect/engineer. My high school journey was rough, I lacked sleep, I pushed myself to the limit. I am proud to be a Latina in a STEM field. There are no excuses to thrive! You just have to put in the hard work.

I decided to build and design my dream home with the knowledge and experience that I have. My dad is helping me out with most of the construction and he has guided me throughout the process as well. So a special shoutout to him. I feel proud of myself because I remained persistent and I always give my best because you never know who you might be inspiring.✨ I thank God for giving me a family that is very supportive, a boyfriend that is always pushing me to do my best and most importantly giving me the skills, strength, and knowledge. I leave my future in God’s hands. All my dreams and personal goals. Thank you, GOD, for everything. 

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